What is Marine Plasma?

When you stop and consider that 70% of earth is covered in water and that 97% of that water is held in our oceans, you start to understand the gravitas and importance of the properties found in our ocean.

As a company, we are driven by the reverence of all living things, and we use the intelligence found in nature to help enhance your stamina, recovery, performance nutrition.

Marine Plasma was first discovered over 125 years ago by Rene Quinton and has been since used for supporting the health and performance of many athletes.

Marine Plasma is harvested from the most mineral-dense part of our oceans, beneath pristine plankton blooms. Plankton are microscopic organisms that live in either fresh or saltwater environments. They can convert the inorganic minerals and trace elements that are present in seawater into ionic electrolytes which they secrete into the surrounding water. Not only this, but they also secrete other essential life-supporting compounds such as nucleic acids, proteins, essential fatty acids, oligosaccharides, and antioxidants.

How HYDRATE 78 and HYDRATE 78 NIGHT are harvested?

HYDRATE 78 and HYDRATE 78 NIGHT are harvested from the same environment as plankton blooms which means all our products contain the 78 ionic electrolytes your cells require in the perfect ratio to help enhance your performance, nutrition and recovery.

We collect our electrolyte solutions by sustainably harvesting marine plasma using a patented technological process. We first extract the marine plasma from suitable high concentrated locations in our oceans, 20 –30m below phytoplankton blooms. These plankton blooms are specifically allocated through carefully analysing phytoplanktonic vortexes which are known as ocean zones that present high mineral content readings. We allocate these using satellites.

Once the marine plasma has been extracted and transported to the state-of-the-art laboratories it then goes through a double cold microfiltration process which leaves it free of any impurities and external contaminating agents. This process guarantees that the marine plasma is suitable for consumption whilst also preserving the natural qualities and matter.

HYDRATE 78 is a hypertonic solution made up of the pure marine plasma solution whereas the HYDRATE 78 NIGHT is an isotonic solution which means it goes through another process called ionization. This is when marine plasma is diluted with specific natural spring water which dilutes the solution making it the same concentration as your body’s internal fluids.

The benefits of Marine Plasma on your performance

Fitness starts at a cellular level, no matter the activity or intensity. We are all made up of trillions of cells, and by optimising your cell function with marine plasma, you are optimising everything you do. Every cell needs to be primed, nourished and hydrated to perform at their optimum.

HYDRATE 78 and HYDRATE 78 NIGHT delivers each cell with all the 78 electrolytes When a cell has the full spectrum of electrolytes, it can perform its functions better. Not only this, but it allows water to influx intracellularly. Cells that have efficient water can perform biochemical reactions at a faster rate. The best way to rehydrate correctly is at a cellular level. To achieve full cellular hydration, you need the full spectrum of all electrolytes. This is because when you train hard, you sweat. When you sweat you lose all 78 electrolytes, and these must be replenished if you want to keep on top of your hydration, nutrition, performance and recovery.

HYDRATE 78 and HYDRATE 78 NIGHT are the only sport products that contain one natural ingredient known as marine plasma. This solution provides your cells with all 78 electrolytes needed to enhance your performance and nutrition.

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