The Hummus Protein Bars: Protein Power, Perfected

Proteins are the building blocks of life, found in every cell of your body. There are at least 10,000 different proteins that contribute to a person’s unique identity and maintain bodily functions, yet the protein nutrition market is saturated with flawed products that don’t match our cellular makeup.  

In reply, we’ve launched The Hummus Protein Bars. Powered by Dhibs, our three natural sugars in one and a clever mixture of Chickpeas and Tahini, these bars are 100% plant-based, offering a nexus point where science and natural ancestral wisdom harmoniously intertwine. 

Skip the confusing packaging labels and mystery ingredients that don’t translate into biological transactions in the cells but rather burping and bloating. The Hummus Protein Bars are a canvas for a whole host of nutritional benefits to meet your well-being and fitness goals. 

Benefits Beyond the Bar

Optimal Protein Absorption & Sustained Energy

  • The Hummus Protein Bars deliver easily absorbed proteins for efficient cellular use. This means longer-lasting stamina, reduced fatigue, faster muscle recovery, and less cramping.
  • Dhibs’ unique blend of natural sugars (fructose, glucose, and galactose) provides slow, sustained energy perfect for powering through workouts. It supports muscle function while prioritising protein for repair and growth.  

Enhanced Protein Utilisation and Sparing

  • The Hummus Protein Bars’ triad of slow and fast metabolised Dhibs-derived sugars enhances protein-sparing and prevents muscle glycogen depletion. 
  • Dhibs’ naturally occurring digestive enzymes facilitate the breakdown of proteins into readily available essential amino acids for various bodily functions.  

Precise Protein Timing and Transparency

  • Dhibs regulates protein metabolism through glycosylation. This process modifies proteins, determining their lifespan in the body and blood. If a linked sugar complex is missing or added, the protein may be metabolised or extended.
  • We prioritise transparency in protein content, ensuring it accurately represents the bioavailable amount for the body to utilise. Protein count on protein bars can be misleading as most protein is produced by the body, with less than 12% of daily protein requirements coming from food. The body recycles 700% more protein than consumed during daily maintenance and repair, and the protein number on a wrapper may result in more protein loss than gain.

Minimised Bloating and Improved Gut Health

  • The Hummus Protein Bars use Dhibs for optimal protein digestion and absorption, minimising bloating and discomfort. 
  • Undigested protein can lead to gut issues. The Dhibs in The Hummus Protein Bars ensures proper protein breakdown, preventing the production of harmful compounds and protecting gut health.  

Complete Protein Profile and Additional Benefits

  • The chickpeas, tahini, and nuts in The Hummus Protein Bars deliver a balanced blend of plant-based proteins, providing a complete essential amino acid profile. 
  • The bars are enriched with highly bioavailable and digestible pea protein, the richest natural source of arginine, to maximise muscle repair and growth. 
  • The Hummus Protein Bars excel in various protein quality metrics like PDCAAS, PER, BV, AAS, NPU, and NDPCP, allowing optimal protein utilisation for your training needs.  

The Flavour of Fitness

Peanut Protein Punch:

This bar offers a complete plant-based protein blend, ideal for muscle repair and keeping you feeling full. Enjoy healthy fats alongside a boost of essential vitamins and electrolytes, making it a perfect choice for powering through your day. 

Hearty Hazelnut Harmony:

Indulge in the satisfying crunch and rich flavour of roasted hazelnuts. This unique bar goes beyond taste, delivering antioxidants, heart-healthy fats, and gut-friendly fibre. Power your fitness journey with a protein pack that keeps you energised.