The Peanut Hummus Protein Bar

The Peanut Hummus Protein Bar


Step into the arena of unparalleled taste and nutrition with The PEANUT HUMMUS PROTEIN BAR! Grab the power of a complete plant-based protein blend, perfectly designed for muscle repair and satiety. Each bar is a fortress of energy, meticulously crafted with the wholesome goodness of peanuts, offering not just a snack, but a nutritional force. Enriched with healthy fats, essential vitamins, and electrolytes, these bars are your stalwart companions, ready to power your daily exercises and endeavours.

But the plot thickens with the sweet, natural, and nutritional prowess of Dhibs. Our extraordinary sugar offers a rich, deep flavour that complements the peanuts. Dhibs doesn’t just sweeten the deal; it infuses these bars with a slow-releasing energy source, ensuring you’re powered up without the dreaded sugar crash.

For the relentless go-getters and the fitness aficionados, The PEANUT HUMMUS PROTEIN BARS are the heralds of your daily victories, delivering taste, power, and endurance in every bite.

One box contains 12 x The Peanut Hummus Protein Bars



May contain traces of gluten, peanuts and nutshell fragments.

Per 100g % Reference Intake (RI)Per Bar 65g % Reference Intake (RI)
Energy1,800 k.J / 430 kcal22%RI1,170k.J / 280 kcal14%RI
Of which Saturates3g15%RI2g10%RI
Of which Sugars21g23%RI14g16%RI
Reference intake of an average adult (8,400 KJ/ 2,000 Kcal

Nutrition Backed By Science: It Had To Be Done!

At Cellnutrition Sport, we've ignited a revolution in the world of sports nutrition. It was a change that simply had to happen. We were determined to shift the conversation surrounding energy and protein bars, and we've done just that. Our mission? To approach sports fitness at the cellular level, whether it's for performance, stamina, recovery, repair, or beyond.
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Demystifying Dhibs: The Hummus Bars’ Secret Weapon

We've cracked the sugar code to end the war on sugar. Cellnutrition Sport introduces The Hummus Bars, powered by natural Dhibs. This millennial-old sweetener goes beyond delicious taste, offering a nutritional powerhouse for athletes and health enthusiasts.
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The Hummus Protein Bar: Protein Power, Perfected

Proteins are the building blocks of life, found in every cell of your body. There are at least 10,000 different proteins that contribute to a person's unique identity and maintain bodily functions, yet the protein nutrition market is saturated with flawed products that don't match our cellular makeup.
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Redefining Sports Energy with The Hummus Energy Bars

The nutrition industry often relies on misleading energy claims, highlighting the need for a fresh approach to sports nutrition. Cellnutrition Sport answers this call with The Hummus Energy Bars, crafted with Dhibs to redefine how we understand energy. Developed through 18 months of rigorous scientific research, these bars offer a new perspective – energy isn't just about fuel; it's about:
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Chickpeas and Tahini: A Powerful Health-Boosting Duo

Hummus, in its many delicious forms, has been around for over 700 years. Now, this classic Mediterranean dish inspires a whole new format: energy and protein bars! While most recognise chickpeas and tahini as key hummus ingredients, the science-backed health benefits of these powerhouses are less widely known.
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