IMMAF X CELLULAR FITNESS: PUTTING ATHLETE HEALTH FIRST We’re working with MMA’s international development body IMMAF to make sure athletes have the knowledge and nutrients they need to fuel performance and mitigate injury. IMMAF, the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation, have spent more than ten years developing common rules, safety regulations and structure for the world’s fastest-growing sport. We’re working with them to reinforce their commitment to building a positive, healthy and safe space for MMA athletes internationally.
HYDRATION FOR MMA ATHLETES Hydration is essential for all contact sports, MMA included. We’re working with IMMAF athletes to make sure they know how hydration works, what nutrients their cells need for optimal hydration, and how hydration helps to mitigate the chance of injury.
CELLULR FITNESS – FROM THE SHOULDERS UP AWARD A crucial part of our partnership is about raising awareness of the importance brain hydration– something that really matters to us at Cellular Fitness. Brain health, hydration and nutrition is so often forgotten about, and we’re committed to changing that across all sports. With this in mind, we’ve partnered with athletes, who are backing our mission to improve knowledge and awareness of brain hydration in sport. We’ve developed a new award, which was first launched at the 2022 IMMAF partnerships. This award was awarded to the medic who had gone above and beyond in caring for athlete’s health From the Shoulders Up.
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If you’re an IMMAF member, you’ll be given a bespoke checkout code to use. We want MMA fighters to have access to complete cellular nutrition, and our partnership is designed to make this more accessible to our IMMAF athletes.

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